finished pillow, too many projects

I realized on Wednesday that tonight was the Hannukah dinner I was having with my family so I needed to get the menorah pillow all finished up. A trip to Jo-Ann for buttons and a pillow form solved that problem. I am very pleased with how the pillow turned out, and I think my grandmother was too.

the pillow's recipientthe back of the menorah pillowHappy Hannukah!

I started the Midwest Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style for some weird reason. I have no idea why, honestly. I guess it's for me, but I'm fairly certain I don't have enough yarn. Darnit.

I'm also still working on the Jeweled Steps socks from New Pathways, I actually just cast on for the second one tonight. I have started a pair of Fetchings for Niels' teacher in microspun. (I broke my yarn diet to buy the microspun but I'm thinking that one ball of inexpensive yarn for a specific gift project is okay. Don't mess with my delusion, please.) I'm also considering Jeanie from the new Knitty. I have five skeins of Regal Silk (the same yarn as in the scarf above) but in a blue/purple colorway. I think it would be beautiful, but I'd also have to adjust the pattern because that yarn is thicker and I have a lot less than the pattern calls for.

So there you go, I may be silent, but it doesn't mean I'm not busy!

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5 thoughts on “finished pillow, too many projects

  1. Mazaltov on the pillow, it turned out very nicely, especially after having to correct that cable. And buying new yarn for a quick project like Fetching, after you finish, it's like it was never there! I was also eyeing Jeanie, very interesting technique, but after the toasty topper, I may try the laughing carrots for my little guy.

  2. Thanks! I am so not into intarsia, but I love the look of things "drawn" in cables. Even the colorwork pieces in Handknit Holidays are subtle and in good taste, though.

  3. Thanks!The only trouble with the yarn for Fetching is that I'll probably have some left. I'm kind of hoping that I can get two pairs from this one ball, that it's really like it wasn't there AND I get a pair of them too. :)I liked laughing carrots too, very cute.

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