I take it back…

I'm not really knitting. I've been crocheting like crazy. I think it's an addiction at this point. In the past two days I have made two more wash cloths, one in the lacy pattern again and one that is technically a granny square, I think.

still another crocheted clothyet another cloth...a growing pile

Today, I made a fried egg and started a starghan as a baby blanket for the baby of a very dear friend of mine. I have been thinking about said friend and his baby almost non-stop and wishing I were nearby to give them actual tangible help, like dinner, or folding laundry, or something. Instead I keep talking to my friend and hoping that my words lift him up as much as a nice big lasagne would. My words will now be followed by a lovely start shaped baby blanket!

sizzle, sizzlethe birth of a star

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