a mouse in my house!

I must confess that one of the things I'm really loving about crochet is just how fast the small projects are. Over the weekend, I made a string bag, which my mother was admiring so much that I think I'll make one for her too. Then yesterday and today I made a little mouse which Niels glommed on to. I had intended it to be for Stefan, actually, since I knit a mouse for Niels when I was pregnant. I can just whip up another crocheted one for Stefan though, super fast!

9/23/07hello mousecrocheted mousecrocheted mouse

The mouse is from my birthday present from Kristi, Amigurumi, Super Happy Crochet Cute. The Bobaknitters have named the doll on the far right in the photo "Strawberry Slutcake" because you can see her panties in one of her photos. Tsk tsk, Strawberry. I wasn't going to make her anyway. Stefan said, "ooo ooo ah ah!" when he saw the book cover, oh and he made his pig noise which sounds like a snort, so I might be making the pig before the monkey. It does look simpler and I got some eyes from Michael's the other day. They only had one choice, though, so I ordered more online in various sizes. I think the safety eyes will make a difference in the cute factor. Kristi also clued Teenuh in to the fact that I need pink yarn (I guess we had been talking about making pigs earlier) so I have some. All I need really is felt for the little feet. I have a ton of embroidery floss somewhere. I have to find it. I guess I should be relieved that I never found a taker for all my cross stitch supplies that I tried to give away.

Cookie also gave me a toys book for my birthday: Zoe Mellor's knitted toys. There are a ton of cute patterns in that one too. I might make a "stash snake" one of these days. I also really like the birds in the top left corner of the cover, you make several and hang them on a string with large beads in between. It's really cute

I'm all about the cute these days. Cute and easily finished!

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okay, I’m knitting again

I am still working on the Starghan, but I am also knitting again.

I've actually made quite a bit of headway on my Lotus Blossom tank. I have finished the front and am working my way up the back. I think it looks pretty good so far. I have high hopes for it. I might try to add some short sleeves, if I have enough yarn. I doubt that I will, though.

lotus blossom frontlotus blossom sidelotus blossom frontlotus blossom side on

The Husband Hybrid is also growing. Both sleeves are done and I'm about 4 inches into the body. I need to knit 18 inches of body before I can connect it all. That's going to take some perserverence! Wish me luck.

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I take it back…

I'm not really knitting. I've been crocheting like crazy. I think it's an addiction at this point. In the past two days I have made two more wash cloths, one in the lacy pattern again and one that is technically a granny square, I think.

still another crocheted clothyet another cloth...a growing pile

Today, I made a fried egg and started a starghan as a baby blanket for the baby of a very dear friend of mine. I have been thinking about said friend and his baby almost non-stop and wishing I were nearby to give them actual tangible help, like dinner, or folding laundry, or something. Instead I keep talking to my friend and hoping that my words lift him up as much as a nice big lasagne would. My words will now be followed by a lovely start shaped baby blanket!

sizzle, sizzlethe birth of a star

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don’t worry, I’m still knitting

ball band crochet wash cloth
husband hybrid progress
knit knit knit

I made another crocheted wash cloth today at BobaKnit. Anabel helped me understand what was meant by a  "long dc" and Karen reassured me that I'm not crazy, that different patterns word which stitches to skip differently. I'm not even sure that makes sense right now! I'm really pleased with how the colors turned out in this one. I like how in crochet you get splotches of colors rather than stripes with the variegated yarn. It's pretty cool.

I'm still knitting, of course. The Husband Hybrid is farther along than the picture here. At this point I have finished the second sleeve and am past the point where I knit the cast on edge into the work. So now I just need to knit and knit and knit for about 18 inches. That's 220 stitches for 18 inches. Oh my.

Just in case I didn't have enough knitting in a circle, I cast on for a stockinette sock at my parent ed class for Niels' school. I wanted something I could just knit that was more portable. Mission accomplished! I don't have a clue what kind of heel I'll do. I figure that's nor important for at least a couple more inches.

Not pictured, but still getting some knitting attention is my Lotus Blossom Tank. Too much attention, actually. I put in two sets of short rows for the bust and I think I went overboard. I slipped it all onto waste yarn and tried it on tonight and the second set of short rows is definitely overkill. I'm going to rip back to before I started them and then it's just straight knitting on that for about three more inches. It doesn't sound so bad, except that it's 260 st around! Is it any wonder that I'm crocheting little dish cloths all over the place?

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second crochet project

I am still working on my Husband Hybrid Sweater and Lotus Blossom Tank, but they aren't making for interesting photos or blog fodder and today I crocheted a dish cloth using the same stitch pattern as the bath mat. I used a partial ball of Sugar n Cream that I inherited from Kristi's stash when she moved away. My kitchen scale says it's 1.75 ounces, so it's almost a whole ball. The cloth ended up being 10 inches square, more or less. I really like it. I tried to use the dish cloth pattern on the ball band from my other ball but I couldn't quite get what they were saying to do. I need a crochet to knitter dictionary or something!

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