tantalizing socks and the husband hybrid

I cast on for Bartholomew's Tantalizing Socks from New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One by Cat Bordhi. I think these socks have the best name ever. I am making the smallest size in the pattern which looks like it will fit Stefan. I realized last night at BobaKnit that right before the heel turn, it would make a nice dress for Barbie, so she got to try it on when I got home. This is my old-school 80s Barbie and it was still a touch big. I think today's Barbie has a smaller bust, so keep that in mind if you decide to use this pattern to knit Barbie a tube dress.

bartholomew's tantalizing sockbarbie models the sock

In other tube news, I knit a swatch for making a seamless hybrid for Erik.Kristi and I are actually going to have a mini knitalong. I am going to use my military green All Seasons Cotton and some of the leftover from my Rogue to make the inside of the cuffs and hems. (Like Brooklyn Tweed's.) I really like the way it looks, but it was hard to capture in a photo.

Edited to add: Since so many people seem confused by this I thought I should explain a little bit better. I am going to knit this sweater in the round, I had to swatch in the round. I also wanted to test out colors for the contrast on the cuffs and hem, so I knit those into the swatch. I titled it "husband hybrid" because I'm knitting a seamless hybrid for my husband. Makes sense, no?

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