the footies are finally finished!

I finished my footie socks tonight. There was a brief hiccup earlier today at Cindy's birthday party when I realized that I hadn't knit a heel, about 90% of the way through the i-cord bind off. Oops! Jill got a picture of it, since I didn't have my camera, with the cause of my problem: wine! I actually think her photo was with a bottle of port, but that's close enough. Friends certainly don't let friends knit drunk!

I am pleased that I managed to get two socks for myself out of one ball of Panda Cotton. It took a few tries, though. I'm not sure I'd do it again. I think they'd look better with a bit of a cuff and a turned rather than short row heel. Live and learn!

Now that my sock needles are free: Cat Bordhi patterns, here I come!

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