cat bordhi

I dropped by Purlescence today and picked up a copy of Cat Bordhi's new book. The only reason I am not knitting one of the tiny test socks right now is that the needles I need all seem to be in other projects. I really like the way this book is laid out, with notes in yellow boxes so they are easy to find. I also like that she gives you a couple of patterns following the same "sockitecture," as she calls it, but then gives you the master pattern as well so you can easily modify them to your liking. I am looking forward to the other books in this series (I believe there will be three) and I haven't even knit anything from this one yet! I may be displacing my desire to buy yarn into a desire to buy knitting books.

Anyway, I have at least three socks picked out that I want to make once the needles are available, as well as a jar full of sock yarn that needs some attention.

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2 thoughts on “cat bordhi

  1. PaperYarnGirl August 12, 2007 / 7:21 am

    Oh, I'm so jealous!!! I want to get the book, but probably won't have time to get back to socks until September/October. Nice to know the purchase will be worth it, though!

  2. abigailvr August 12, 2007 / 11:37 am

    I think it is definitely worth the purchase, even if it's on the pricey side.

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