12 miles of yarn

Someone on Ravelry posted a link to a yard to miles converter. I exported my stash page to Excel, totaled the yarns column, entered into that converter an learned that I have 12.2454 miles of yarn, or 12 miles and 432 yards of yarn. I thought that was a lot until I noticed that everyone else who had replied had more than me and one woman has 72 miles! Yikes!

In any case, I think I have hit a limit. That stash calculation isn't actually everything I have. There are things in my bins that I haven't put into Ravelry yet. Not a lot, but they are there. I know that I am way behind but I am going to declare that I can only knit from my stash for the rest of the year. When January rolls around I think I will allow myself a purchase or two and then reevaluate. I keep buying sweater quantities of yarn and not finishing the sweaters in question! Unacceptable. The stash is also spreading around the living room. Ideally I will be able to fit it somewhere in the office, once the grand reorganization is done, but for now it has to be in the living room and I would prefer it if it didn't take over.

We'll see if I can stick to my resolution. Wish me luck.

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bombshell is on time out

I think my Bombshell tee is another dud. Before we went on vacation last week, I had finished the knitting and just the weaving of ends and the sewing of the very short arm seams was needed. I took it with me to BobaKnit today so that I would have someone to talk to while I was doing the dreaded weaving. First, I sewed up the arm seams and that was fine. Then I started to try to figure out how to weave in the ends with the Bamboozle. The yarn is so slippery and stretchy that I didn't think just weaving it would work. I had done the "weave as you go" thing in the garment and when I put it on at one point to show Mary how it looked she noticed that the woven end was pulling on the bust. Also, the cast off edge is too tight. And, I somehow missed the working  yarn for two stitches one row before the seed stitch edging.

What on earth is going on?

I can't decide if the fault here is with the pattern, the yarn, the combination of the two or just me. In my complete and utter insanity, I am tempted to set this one aside and knit one in All Seasons Cotton and see if that yarn would work better. It worked very well for my Rogue, a sweater designed in wool as well.

I'm nuts. NUTS.

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