calculating size?

Does anyone know of a good tool or simple way to figure out about how much fabric you'll get from a ball of yarn?

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5 thoughts on “calculating size?

  1. The problem is that I have this big lofty chunky yarn, something unlike what I normally knit with. It's 10st per 4" on size 13 needles. It's totally outside of my realm of experience. I'm wondering if I have enough for a blanket. I might just start knitting and see how it goes.

  2. I think you'd have to do some math. If you get 10 sts in 4" and you want the blanket to be, say, 60" (5') wide, you know should get 150 sts in one row (60/4 = 15; 15×10 = 150). But you'd have to measure how much yarn was used in those 10 sts. Say you used 3" of yarn in 10 sts (I'm just pulling numbers out of my head). So for 150 sts to make 1 row, you'd use 450" of yarn (12.5 yards) (150sts x 3" = 450"). Then, if you have 200 yards to a ball of yarn, you'd be able to make a little less than 10 rows.In theory, this makes sense to me. Having never actually done it, I can't guarantee anything. Good luck!

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