finished socks! finally!

My dad's Christmas socks are finally done. Yes, you read that correctly, Christmas. 2006. They turned out very cool looking but I'm not sure I'll do mosaic knitting again any time soon, at least not with fixation. I am blaming my problems knitting these on its ultra-stretchiness. That could be misplaced, though.


I also finished my Hokie Healing square and dropped it off at Purlescence for Emy to send off. Thanks for arranging that Emy!

bicolor brioche squarehokie healing

When I dropped off the square I was talking to Chloe about ways to use bicolor brioche, or perhaps brioche stitch in general. I really like the way the knitted fabric looks with the two colors but I don't think I could ever wear it on my body. She asked about the brioche project that I started a while back I told her that I had to abandon it because I realized that even if I had enough yarn (that was looking uncertain) I could tell that the tank would look awful on me. "It would look good if you were a size 0," she said. I concur. So I think if I want to use this stitch again it will have to be more blanket squares or perhaps a scarf.

The yarn I used was Rowan Luxury Cotton DK which I definitely want to use to make something for myself! It was soft and lovely to knit with. I just need to work through some of my stash first.

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4 thoughts on “finished socks! finally!

  1. Chikn with Stix May 24, 2007 / 7:47 am

    Those socks turned out great. I am not a fan of Fixation, the stretchiness drives me nuts. 🙂

  2. Curlysalamander May 24, 2007 / 9:28 am

    I love the socks! I'm having a love/hate relationship with mosaic stitch. I'm making a mosaic cable cardigan sweater that I love as a fabric, but I think will make me look ginormous when worn. I'm fully committed, however. It will look pretty in my closet.

  3. abigailvr May 24, 2007 / 4:17 pm

    I'm not totally crazy about Fixation either. The stretchiness does make it less fun to knit. It does make for well fitting socks that wear well, though!

  4. abigailvr May 24, 2007 / 4:18 pm

    Thanks!Mosaic cable cardigan! That sounds ambitious. I hope your closet enjoys it. 🙂

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