I could very easily be addicted to Ravelry. Kristi sent me an invite and I didn't do much with it at first. I started to add my stash after hearing Jenny and Nicole rave about it on Stash and Burn. Adding stash lead to adding projects. Then I heard Brenda Dayne rave about it on Cast On so I added her as a friend and she added me back! Be still my heart!

In any case, I can see myself getting really into Ravelry. I've added all of my All Seasons Cotton and a few of my projects, including my current works in progress. I have this urge to get out my entire stash and photograph it ball by ball to catalog it all. That is either really unhealthy obsessive behavior, or a good way to keep better tabs on what I have. I really should do that with needles. I feel like I'm constantly losing track of needles and then buying something similar, only to discover the old one. I shoudl probably start with the needle card instead of photographing yarn.

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