all about the two color knitting

so close I can taste it
current projects

I spent all of last week working on a secret project (that will be explained eventually, just not right now) and I've been trying to finish up started and promised projects. Somehow that has landed me squarely in the land of two color knitting. First there is the gift knitting that is waiting for the ends to be woven in, and has been waiting for that for 9 days. Oops.

Then there is the second mosaic sock for my dad. Yes, that was supposed to be a Christmas gift. Yes, I am ashamed of myself.

Last up is a bicolor brioche square to give to Emy to send to the Hokie Healing project. I'm hoping to finish all three of these within the next week so I can go back to my sadly abandoned sweater and finish that so I can start a tank for myself. It's getting hot around here!

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