passover food

I made an awesome Passover dinner tonight, if I must say so myself. (We don't really do a seder in my family, but we do get together and eat the tradtional foods of the holiday.) We started with gefilte fish from a jar, because who makes that from scratch? Then I made matzoh ball soup, Spring Lamb with Fresh Mint Vinaigrette, traditional haroset (apple, walnut, wine, honey and cinnamon) and some steamed broccoli. My aunt made a potato kugel that was really yummy and my mother brought a green salad which was also quite good. For dessert my dad made a fruist salad and I made macaroons, some of which I dipped in chocolate. Those were really good too. I found some dark chocolate covered matzoh at Whole Foods so we had those too. They were surprisingly tasty, kind of like chocolate covered pretzel with the sweet/salty thing going on. I didn't get a picture of all of it, but here's a sampling:

The funny thing was, both the dark chocolate covered matzoh and the Whole Wheat Manischwitz matzoh were not kosher for Passover. HUH? I noticed that on the chocolate matzoh package when I got them home but I hadn't noticed it about the plain matzoh. Why would they make such a thing? Even more oddly, on the Manischewitz list of matzohs only the Spelt matzoh is kosher for Passover.

I feel like I'm missing something. Can someone enlighten me?

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finished breast

I realized today (beecause my mother asked) that I never explained why I am knitting a breast. A friend of mine requested it as a visual aid for the breastfeeding class she is teaching. I also might be knitting some to see as a fundraiser for a breastfeeding support group. I ended up using someone else's pattern, though, so I'd have to ask for permission. I have a feeling they'd give it willingly, since it comes from the Laction Consultants of Great Britain website.

finished boobareola close upcrochet circle

I started off with a smaller base for this one, using the number of stitches suggested by the above pattern. I knit mine in the round though. At Anabel's suggestion I added some purl stitches to the areola to simulate Montgomery's Glands. I don't think that worked very well though, they seem to have gotten hidden by the decreases.

Finally, I crocheted a circle for the bottom and then crocheted that on  to the base with some fiberfill inside. I feel like it needs more stuffing but I'm not sure, that's why I haven't cut the tail yet. I want to show it to Anabel tomorrow and see what she thinks.

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