boobs and boba

I went to BobaKnit tonight for the first time in forever. I wanted to pick up my I heart BobaKnit shirt and to see if I could destash. Freecia came with my shirt and I manged to destash everything I brought except for two sad balls of black mohair and 500 yards of curly mohair. Darn that Mohair. Pauline and Cindy both got pictures of most of the knitters there in their BobaKnit Swag. All I got was a semi-candid shot of Hannah, Cookie (mid-chew, sorry Cookie), Jeni and Cindy (with Tina in the background).


I took my first completed knitted breast to BobaKnit tonight to see what Anabel thought of the shape. She agreed with me that it wasn't quite right. This one is from the bottom up, like a hat basically. I thought it was totally the wrong shape for anyone's breast until Hannah modeled it gleefully — a little too gleefully, perhaps.

hannah is so happy  boob

I have cast on a second one, with fewer stitches and I am going to make it taller before I start decreasing. I'm also going to change colors sooner and not decrease so far before the i-cord portion. Hannah asked me knit them for all the BobaKnitters so maybe I'll actually stuff this prototype one for her.

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