baudelaire and new yarn

I have turned the heel, done the cable increase (which I found challenging on both socks) and am now in the home stretch with my second Baudelaire. Just knitting up the leg! This time I know exactly how many repeats to do before the ribbing too, which will make finishing easier and faster.

I went to Purlescence today because I had ordered some Crystal Palace Bamboozle from them and it arrived. All but the black, actually. I'm making a flame hat for Niels. I found a flames chart pattern online and I'm going to start with that around the bottom and then do the top in black, once I get it. I think I want to do a tubular cast-on to have a nice neat edge. I just need to find a pattern with a smooth crown. The last hat I knit for Niels was from the Handy Book of Patterns and it had a bunchy top. I'm thinking of basing mine on the Halfdome hat from Knitty.

bamboozlepanda cotton

I also picked up two more balls of Panda Cotton in "Painted Iris" that I want to use for Janice's Early Spring sock. I hope this yarn wears well. It feels better than Fixation already but Fixation is at least nice and hardy. Speaking of Fixation, one of my Fixation socks has gone missing. I would say that they dryer ate it, but I don't put them in the dryer. 

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