a pile of WIPs

Those are all my current works in progress. If you click over to Flickr I have added notes to each item. Would you believe that I used to have a rule that I couldn't have more than three projects going at once? Yeah, I've broken that.

As far as my Tunisian crochet progress goes, I finally found a size J (and K actually) hook at Creative Hands. I bought both, just in case. I'm glad I did because I think I like the drape of the fabric better with the K. These ones were only $3.75 each so I'll keep them. I already returned the kit to Michael's that had the size I hook, the only afghan crochet hook in the store. I still have the size H circular crochet hook to return to JoAnn. Creative Hands had many sizes, though. I'm still not sure exactly what I'm making. A baby blanket is as far as I've gotten.

I also ordered some shine sport and worsted from Knit Picks to make Sheldon, two actually, as baby gifts. I am also making a sweater from Nature Babies.

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vickie howell yarns, provisional cast-on link

I stopped by Full Thread Ahead today in my ever expanding quest for an afghan crochet hook. They didn't have them, but they do have the Vickie Howell yarns in. (I'm missing her signing and "yarn tasting" as I type this, sigh.)

Anyway, the yarns are yummy! The Love in particular. It's very drapey, of course, so I am not sure what I'd make out of it but I see a garment for myself out of that in the future. I am not sure if I should steer clear of the Craft yarn or not. It was also pretty soft, but it's made with milk fiber. Somehow, that seems like something I should avoid.

In Rogue news, I cast-on the body stitches using Fleegle's provisional cast-on. I think I'm in love. It was so fast and easy! The hardest part is knitting the hem facing stitches on a 20" needle, since that's the only size 5 I have. That's not a lot of room for 218 stitches!

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