making stitch markers

I'm making some stitch markers to hopefully sell and I could use some feedback from knitters. How many markers would you want in a set? And do you need one to be different from the others for the beginning of the row, or whatever?

Here are pictures of the kind of thing I've been doing. The pictures aren't great. They are hard to photograph!

stitch markerscrystal stitch markers

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6 thoughts on “making stitch markers

  1. Stitch markers are excellent gifts! I would suggest you make different sizes (for different size needles). I often knit with size 2 needles and size 15 (not for the same project!), and I can never find the right markers. For small projects, you might want to shorten the wire holding the bead, otherwise it gets in the way of the project…Have fun!

  2. Those are lovely! I like my markers in sets of 4 or 6, it depends on the project I'm doing. I've never thought of having one different to mark the beginning of the row, but that would be really handy sometimes.

  3. I am trying to remember if I've ever needed more than 6 markers for a project… seems like 6 should be plenty. I agree with AnnieB, size 1 or 2 would be very useful.

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