no sheep for you

I went ahead and ordered No Sheep for You from Amazon a couple of days ago. Then I read on the Purlescence blog that they had it in stock. I cancelled my Amazon order and stopped by on Saturday to pick up a copy. I think I am in love. This book starts off with descriptions of many types of nonwool fiber. Amy gives a full description of which part of the plant (or other object) the fiber comes from, how it is extracted, and what type of yarn you get from it. There are many helpful charts on the properties of the different fibers and which fibers work well for which types of projects.

Then there is a whole chapter on swatches that actually makes me want to knit them. It actually  makes me wish I had kept all of my swatches. I may even start a swatch journal like she suggests. Will wonders never cease?

Last, but certainly not least, the patterns. Not only do I finally not have to worry about yarn substitutions but they are also all generously sized (the largest chest size on most seems to be 56"). Heaven! There are a couple of patterns that tempt me, including a short sleeved sweater knit with Blue Sky Cotton that might have my name on it.

If you can't knit with wool, you definitely want this book in your collection. If you can, you would probably still get something out of it!

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