mmm, granola

After reading Finslippy's granola experience I decided to make my own granola as well. I have to say, it's pretty darn good but not as addictive as she makes it out to be. I think that's because I didn't put the almond butter in. Also, I used flaked coconut which stuck out too much in the mixture and tried to burn. I think next time I'll add the almond butter and give the flaked coconut a trip through the food processor before I bake it.

One very positive thing about it: Niels liked too and ate a bowl as a snack. Much better than the potato chips he was angling for.

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2 thoughts on “mmm, granola

  1. merry January 15, 2007 / 9:26 pm

    Granola always makes me drool just thinking about it. I love having it over yogurt. How does it go with managing the kids and junk food? I would totally cop out and give the kid chips. 😉

  2. abigailvr January 15, 2007 / 9:37 pm

    I do let him have some junk. My goal is to not make it too illicit so it's not like forbidden fruit. We'll see if it works out in the long run!I actually feel somewhat lucky with Niels. He often asks for olives with his lunch and will eat steamed broccoli almost eagerly without needing to smother it in something.

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