semi-knitting related

I made the Honey Wheat Bread from the Knitting Cook podcast last night/this morning. I took a couple of the tips she mentioned in later episodes and incorporated them. Instead of putting a log of dough in the loaf pan, I cut it up into smaller balls and rolled them in cinnamon-sugar to make it Monkey Bread. I let that rise ovenight in the fridge so that I could just pop it in the oven this morning.
I had mixed results. First of all, I've never made Monkey Bread before so I didn't oil the pan enough and the sugar mixture made the dough stick pretty badly. Secondly, I made it in a loaf pan so some of the bits in the middle didn't get thoroughly cooked when the outside was done.

I did, however, think the flavor of the bread was wonderful. I used King Arthur bread flour, as Faith suggests. The whole wheat flour was the Whole Foods 365 store brand, though. I also used Earth Balance in place of the butter because of our dairy issues.

I am out of yeast but I want to try this bread recipe again without the Monkey Bread part. I think it will be wonderful!

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