more blanket, another baby

I am being oddly monogamous to my log cabin blanket project. I don't know why. Part of the reason might be that I am fairly certain I won't have enough yarn and I want to finish it before someone else buys all of the Cable Cotton at Commuknity. Now, I first bought the yarn for this project in June 2005, just last week I got some more of the light blue and white and it was the same dyelot. Obviousy, this yarn was not a big seller, I don't know why I am afraid there will be a run on it now. In any case, I haven't been knitting anything else, even though the 114 stitch rows are sort of trying.

Another friend of mine told me today that she is pregnant, that's five people, four of whom I definitely want to knit for.

I'm thinking of the Greenspun sweater (and maybe the knickers) from Nature Babies in Shine worsted, the turtle blankie from Little Turtle Knits in Cotton-Ease, another top down sweater like the one I knit for Stefan and … what? I might just make two of the Greenspun sweaters in different colors. It's so cute!

So much baby knitting to do!

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