the blanket grows

I'm making pretty good progress on the baby log cabin blanket. It's getting pretty heavy though. I'm seeing now why it would be better knit in calmer than in this yarn. Oh well, hopefully Stefan won't mind.

growing blanket12/29/06

I also bought the Giving Pixie and Rusty's Turtle Blankie patterns from Little Turtle Knits. I'm thinking of knitting a couple of those hats as some of the baby gifts I need for this year. I really like the blankie pattern but it's going to take a ton of yarn. I was thinking of trying it in Peaches & Creme but, like the log cabin, that blanket would weigh a ton. I need a light, non-wool, worsted yarn. I was thinking about using microspun, but it's not quite heavy enough. Maybe Cotton-Ease instead. 

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