holiday knitting round-up

linen hand towel
linen hand towel for my grandmother

I managed to finish the linen hand towel for my grandmother yesterday with enough time to wash and dry it.

It is based on the pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting using the "moss diamonds" stitch pattern from my Harmony Guide.

I think the Mason-Dixon ladies are right, the linen does drape up nicely when you wash and dry it. It also seems to shrink a bit which was a surprise, but a good one. I didn't measure it before and after washing, unfortunately. I bought a second hank of linen to make one for myself but this time I'll be knitting it on bamboo needles instead of the addis. They're too slippery!

So the end result is that I finished two of the four gifts I planned for this Christmas. My dad's socks are on their way but the first one is only about two thirds finished. Last weekend I wove in all the ends on the entrelac shawl for my mother. I was showing it to Kristi when we both noticed a strange little spot where there appears to be an extra square and a half. I think I had started a row of squares when I gave it to her and she started that row over, or something. Now I need to pick out the end I wove in and pick out that square and a half so I can graft it back together, or something. Luckily, my mother's birthday is at the end of next month so I can finish it for then. I bought her an electric tea kettle because I thought I broke her kettle when we stayed there at Thanksgiving, so she did get a gift.


Next year: purchase gifts! That or actually start as early as I start my planning. Last year I did much better than this year. Ah well.

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