toe-up mosaic socks

I have been working on the toe-up moasic sock for my dad but have sort of taken a step backwards. The foot is knitted fair isle and then the top pattern is a mosaic slip-stitch pattern. Trying to transition from one to the other from the toe up turned out to be impossible, like trying to knit intarsia in the round. I went back, undid all of the heel knitting and am going to do an afterthought heel instead. (The line of blue in the photo is where the afterthought heel will go.)

On the plus side, I think it will look snazzy. On the minus side, they certainly won't be done by Monday, perhaps not even one will be and I am now not sure I will have enough of the black yarn. Oops.

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One thought on “toe-up mosaic socks

  1. shortrow December 22, 2006 / 6:24 pm

    Socks are great!!!! So sorry about the wooooool problem. My mom as a wool issue, so I make her a lot of cotton and silk things. Keep knitting!!!!

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