new knitty

I have been thinking of knitting myself something like Calorimetry and now I don't have to make up a pattern!

Twinkletoes (designed by Chloe of Purlescence) and Piggie make me wish I had a little girl.

I feel like I should want to knit The Book of Knitty but I don't. It's a very cute idea, though.  I do, however, want to knit Norberta.

If we lived somewhere cold, I'd knit Binary for Erik.

And, of course, there is Cookie's sock, monkey, which I like. Right now I am knitting socks for speed so I need to stick to stockinette. Maybe after the holidays are over I can knit a sock for myself in a stitch pattern instead.

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a frenzy of holiday knitting

I know I haven't been posting much, it's because I've been knitting fiendishly! I finished the items with the first deadline: those illusion bags for Erik's brother's kids. The frog was done a while ago and now the pig is done as well. I have pictures but I can't get them off of my camera until my personal tech support fixes my computer.

I am now working on a pair of socks in Katia Mississippi 3 print using the Widdershins pattern. I am on the leg of the first one so I expect to be finished with them fairly soon. I am also working on a linen hand towel based on the ones in the Mason-Dixon Knitting book but with a different stitch pattern. That is for my grandmother. After I started it, though, I saw the Menorah pillow in Handknit Holidays and now I want to make that. I got an email from Commuknity that they are having a 20% off of everything sale so I'm tempted to go there to get the cashcotton to make the pillow instead of making her this towel.

I also need to make another pair of socks for my dad (perhaps mosaic socks, if I have time) and weave in the ends and make the trim of the shawl for my mom.

I wonder if I'll make it.

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