no sales tax?

Yesterday I checked out Wool Play, in Haddonfield, NJ. It's a very cute store. Not very big but lots of pretty yarns. They also have sale yarns upstairs (in what looks like their class space) along with a sample sweater sale. There were some gorgeous sweaters there. I think my mother almost bought one. She was admiring them.

I picked out three balls of Berroco suede that were on sale for $6 each and a Habu scarf kit for $12. I got $30 out of my wallet and waited while the saleswoman rang me up to see what the tax was. She took my $30 and said, "Thirty dollars, thanks." No sales tax on yarn in New Jersey! Oh my. Now I am tempted to go back and get the one ball of Plush I'd need for the Knitty Gritty suede baby booties. Actually, now that I look I only need two balls of suede so maybe I need to go back anyway to exchange one for the Plush. (Are you convinced yet? I am!)

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