darned elusive sock needles

Last winter I bought two size 1 circular needles for sock knitting. Sometime along the way I put them somewhere with the left over Katia yarn from Niels' socks. I can't find either. Over the summer I bought two size 2 circulars to replace the size 1s. I figured I'd find the size 1s as soon as I brought the size 2s home. That didn't work. Now I can't find the the 40-inch size 2s! If I had misplaced the 32s I could still do magic loop so of course I know where those ones are. I wanted to take sock knitting with me on my trip but now I'm going to either have to do it on size 3s or on double pointed needles. I already get laddering on two circulars, I don't think it would be a good thing for me to knit on double pointed needles.


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