holiday knitting stinks

I had plans, you know. Big plans. Here it is almost December and only one of my holiday knitting projects is anywhere near done and that's because Kristi knit most of it! Since she handed it off to me I have woven (weaved?) in one of the ends. One of the many. Don't ask me about the fringe. Bah!

Oh wait, the frog backpack is done. I'm not counting that as done because I can't send it off until the pig one is done. The pig is about half done. I have also started a pair of socks. Really I just need to finish this pair of socks, knit another and knit a linen towel from the MDK book.

More knitting less bitching and I'd be closer to done!

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Christy’s Knucks

Christy's Knucks
Knuck Cuff

Pattern: on Knitty
Yarn: Knit Picks Decadence
Needles: Size 3 circular, magic loop
Options: Twisted cable rib cuff

The Decadence yarn pretty much has me convinced that I am also allergic to alpaca. The yarn felt soft to knit but I felt slightly wheezy after using it. Also, wearing them made my hands feel itchy. They're pretty though, I hope Christy enjoys them!

(What do you Voxers think of this photo format? Prefer the old, big pictures?)

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sock candy socks

I finished my first pair of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy socks. I see many more in my future.

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy, storm colorway
Pattern: Widdershins, sort of.
Needles: size 2 Addi Turbos, magic loop

I do wonder if I should have knit them on smaller needles with more stitches. They are stretched quite a bite at the top and slouch a tad around my ankles. I have the Tube Sock Kit which I plan to knit after my two pairs of Christmas gift socks. So, I'll be starting those sometime in February.

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no sales tax?

Yesterday I checked out Wool Play, in Haddonfield, NJ. It's a very cute store. Not very big but lots of pretty yarns. They also have sale yarns upstairs (in what looks like their class space) along with a sample sweater sale. There were some gorgeous sweaters there. I think my mother almost bought one. She was admiring them.

I picked out three balls of Berroco suede that were on sale for $6 each and a Habu scarf kit for $12. I got $30 out of my wallet and waited while the saleswoman rang me up to see what the tax was. She took my $30 and said, "Thirty dollars, thanks." No sales tax on yarn in New Jersey! Oh my. Now I am tempted to go back and get the one ball of Plush I'd need for the Knitty Gritty suede baby booties. Actually, now that I look I only need two balls of suede so maybe I need to go back anyway to exchange one for the Plush. (Are you convinced yet? I am!)

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knuck you! (ha ha)

Pattern: on Knitty
Yarn: Cascaed Fixation
Needles: size 4 addi turbos
Options: textured cuff, crab stitch edging (no idea why it rolls)

I knit these in the man's size because the yarn is so small. I think they are too big. I either should have knit the woman's size or knit them on size 3s. I think if I did them again I'd do size 3s. My mother wants a pair so I  might do hers on size 3s and the woman's size because her hands are smaller than mine.

I'm not going to tatoo anything on them because the best I could come up with was KNIT DORK and I just don't need to advertise that.

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darned elusive sock needles

Last winter I bought two size 1 circular needles for sock knitting. Sometime along the way I put them somewhere with the left over Katia yarn from Niels' socks. I can't find either. Over the summer I bought two size 2 circulars to replace the size 1s. I figured I'd find the size 1s as soon as I brought the size 2s home. That didn't work. Now I can't find the the 40-inch size 2s! If I had misplaced the 32s I could still do magic loop so of course I know where those ones are. I wanted to take sock knitting with me on my trip but now I'm going to either have to do it on size 3s or on double pointed needles. I already get laddering on two circulars, I don't think it would be a good thing for me to knit on double pointed needles.


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