I have no willpower

WEBS sent me an email today which mentioned Rowan closeouts. I had to go look, of course. Not only were they closing our Rowan, they were closing out All Seasons Cotton. How could I say no to that?

I ordered 11 balls of 160 for another Bombshell Tee. Okay, a Bomshell Tee since the last one was such a disaster. I don't think that yarn wants to be a tee. Honestly, I'm not sure that yarn knows what it wants.

I also ordered six balls each of colors 206 and 213 for a striped, cabled, hooded pullover for Niels with a kangaroo pocket. (Skate from Jaeger Handknits #JM07.) He requested the hood and the pocket. The stripes and the cables are just for fun. I'll just have to make sure I can carry the colors up the side. The stripes appear to be six rows wide. I am going to carry.

I briefly considered buying enough grey for a cabled hooded cardigan for myself but even at the closeout price that would have been a lot of money for a lot of yarn that I don't really have a plan for. I already have two bags of a very dark grey in All Seasons Cotton that I don't have a plan for.

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