I went to Borders yesterday to buy a copy of the new Craft zine specifically because of the robots on the cover. The ones right next to the words "stitch a robot." One of the Mason-Dixon Ladies knit one of them (out of denim, of course) but by the time I decided I wanted to also the woman who designed it wasn't selling the pattern anymore. I figured this was a way to get a pattern.

The pattern in the magazine is for crocheted robots, not those knitted ones. They are pretty cute but I don't crochet.


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tube socks

I couldn't resist the Tube Sock kit from Blue Moon Fiber Arts today at Purlescence. It's going to be dangerous if we do our Sunday knitting at a yarn store, I suspect.

Tube Socks ... in a tube
The last kit they had!
I really like the colors.

Niels with the Tube Socks
Niels really wanted to be in the picture.
I don't know why he looks grumpy about it.

I don't know if I'll knit actual tube socks. Either way, I'm going to do them toe up. I'll probably add a heel. We'll see when I get there.

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LEGO ballwinder

I know I have seen the LEGO Mindstorms ballwinder before but it caught my eye in this post because we bought Erik a set of those Mindstorms at the garage sale a couple of weeks ago. I asked him Erik to make me one and he said sure, then he could buy a newer set since the old stuff would all be tied up with the winder. I can't decide if it's worth $280 to have a motorized ball winder. I am thinking perhaps not.

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yarn porn

Kristi and Cookie gave me a gift certificate for Purlescence for my birthday and today on the way to Margit's house to knit and play with Mojo, Kristi and I stopped in. They still had all six colors of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Candy, their cotton sock yarn. So I bought some.

I got one skein of the Bambu (made of bamboo, obviously). It's only 400 yds but I'm prett sure the flower basket shawl only takes 400 yds. In any case, I'm certain I'll find something to do with it. It's very soft and very pretty. Maybe a pretty little scarf pattern, if I can find one.

Thanks, Cookie and Kristi!

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I have no willpower

WEBS sent me an email today which mentioned Rowan closeouts. I had to go look, of course. Not only were they closing our Rowan, they were closing out All Seasons Cotton. How could I say no to that?

I ordered 11 balls of 160 for another Bombshell Tee. Okay, a Bomshell Tee since the last one was such a disaster. I don't think that yarn wants to be a tee. Honestly, I'm not sure that yarn knows what it wants.

I also ordered six balls each of colors 206 and 213 for a striped, cabled, hooded pullover for Niels with a kangaroo pocket. (Skate from Jaeger Handknits #JM07.) He requested the hood and the pocket. The stripes and the cables are just for fun. I'll just have to make sure I can carry the colors up the side. The stripes appear to be six rows wide. I am going to carry.

I briefly considered buying enough grey for a cabled hooded cardigan for myself but even at the closeout price that would have been a lot of money for a lot of yarn that I don't really have a plan for. I already have two bags of a very dark grey in All Seasons Cotton that I don't have a plan for.

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