a sweater with staying power!

I knit a purple sweater for Stefan, before he was born.

It was finished in mid-December.

He wore it as late as March, perhaps later.

Today was a bit chilly (it only got up to about 65!) and the guys working on the bathroom had the doors open so they could go in and out to the back to get materials and to their truck for tools. Stefan needed another layer and the purple sweater was sitting on the rolling cart that holds some diapers and spare clothes for the kids, so I tried it on him.

Okay, so the sleeves are a touch short, but I think it still looks very cute on him.

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trying on the bombshell tee

I ripped the Bombshell tee back to an inch before the neckline began last time, began the neckline again, didn't increase nearly as much and have continued one. And yet…

It's still too big!

This is how it looked the first time around.

It actually looks bigger to me now. I'm not sure how that is possible since there are fewer stitches around than there were last time. I haven't lost that much more weight (maybe one pound). What is the deal? I was too irritated by how bad it looked to take any pictures of the front.

This project is definitely on a time out. Indefinitely. I'm thinking maybe the yarn is cursed.

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three cheers for Vickie Howell

I emailed Vickie Howell earlier today from her website asking for suggestions for substitutions for the Soireé. She emailed me back only a couple of hours later suggesting Lion Brand Glitterspun. I'll need 14 balls instead of 10 but at least I can get them from DiscountYarnSale.com. This project is getting expensive! I need six balls instead of four! I don't know why I got it into my head that the pattern called for 10 balls. It wasn't even that late when I posted.

How much does Vickie rock, though, for emailing me back so quickly?

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in search of soireé

Niels has decided that he wants to be a knight for Halloween (I think because he wants a sword very badly). Anyway, this gives me the opportunity to knit a costume for him. There is a chain mail dress-up costume in New Knits On the Block. The problem is that the pattern calls for five balls of Crystal Palace Soireé yarn, which was discontinued a year ago.

Anyonw know where I could score some?

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delft sweater

I feel like I should make the Delft sweater. I do like the pattern, I think it's very pretty. I'm just not sure I want to knit myself a white sweater. It wouldn't be Delft if I changed the colors, would it? There is Zwart Deflts (black Delftware) but that still might confuse everyone.

I remember seeing the black Deftware when we visited Delft, way back right after we were married. Eight years ago (ack) but I can't remember now if I liked it more than the tradtional blues on white, or Erik did. I think I liked it and Erik hated it. He's confirmed it, he hates it. I like it. See what having kids does to you?

In any case, I'd love an excuse to knit myself something in Cashcotton though. MMmm!

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I transfered a few pictures here from my Flickr account. So there's some pretty knitting to see. Unfortunately, I don't have anything new to post at the moment.

I am working on a pair of knucks in cascade fixation. I had to buy a smaller crochet hook for the crab stitch edging. I am also still working on a Bombshell tee from Big Girl Knits. I'm almost to the waist ribbing. At that point I'm going to have to try it on and make sure that it fits since I have already almost knit it completely once, only to discover that it was too big. When I'm done with that I want to make a long-sleeved sweater from that book, I just can't decide which one.

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a work in progress

I am working on this becoming my knitting blog. I suppose the first step is to introduce myself, although I assume most of the people who end up reading this will come because they know me from elsewhere. If you don't, here's the low-down:

  • I am in my mid-thirties.
  • I am married to Erik.
  • I have two sons, Niels who is 4 years and change and Stefan who is 8 months old.
  • We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, in California.

And now, the knitting low-down:

  • I am allergic to wool, although sometimes I like to deny it, as my friend Kristi has noticed.
  • I may or may not be allergic to other mammal fibers, like alpaca and cashmere, but I hope not.
  • I started knitting for Niels when he was about 1 year old.
  • I have knit sweaters for Niels and Stefan but have not yet sucessfully knit one for myself.
  • Not for lack of trying.
  • I tend to have too many projects going at once, but who doesn't?

So that's it. Welcome to my non-wool knitting world. Enjoy!

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